What is a city car Lintes?
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What is a city car Lintes?

- a car with an elettric motor;
- a car with two seats and a large luggage department;
- a car for single persons or for couples without children;
- a second car for any family, to go shopping, to go to the gym or to school or to work;
- it has an optimal length (less than 3 meters) for parking in the city or in a small garage or box;
- it has an optimal acceleration;
- it has an optimal speed during climbing;
- a car that has to sleep at home (to recharge in 5 hours during the night) with a normal home electrical network of only 3 kW (better 6 kW);
- or it must have the possibility to use, for at least 5 hours, a parking space provided with columns (i.e. on a company or school parking);
- a car for artisans that can deduct all VAT (car for transport of goods);
- a car suitable for a postman, a policeman, to make deliveries for farmacies ecc;
- a young and feminine car;
- can be driven at 16 years old;