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Circulation Characteristics

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Circulation Characteristics

Our car is a vehicle with two seats, homologated in category L7e-CU (heavy quadricycles for commercial purposes).
It can drive at maximum 90 km per hour.

Driving on the highway:
The city car Lintes can drive on superways and highways.

Driving in Areas with Limited Traffic:
Several local administrations, of small and big cities, allow electric cars to drive without any constraints in areas of limited traffic, because of zero emission.

Parking is easy, thanks to the dimensions of the vehicle (length of car 2,920 meters).
Parking is easy, thanks to 4 dedicated cameras.
Parking is free of charge in the blu lines of many cities.

Minimum requirements of age for driving:
The city car Lintes can be driven at the age of 16 years (except on the highway).
from the age of 18 years it can be driven freely, also on the highway.

Type of driving license:
The city car Lintes can be driven when in possession of driving license A1, or driving license B1, or higher.