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Batteries and Autonomy
Charging station


Type of batteries : Lithium ion batteries
Capacity of the battery : 14,6 kWh
Weight of the Cells : 62,4 kg
Weight of the Battery Pack (including the cells) : 75 kg


Drivable distances:
Even if it is a city car,
with a full battery you can drive 150 km.

It is not necessary to have a bigger autonomy,
which can be obtained easily by increasing the number of batteries,
because this is the ideal vehicle for medium and short distances,
because, even if it can drive on the highway,
it is not allowed to go faster than 90 km per hour,
otherwise it would loose some advantages, like the possibility to drive it at the age of 16.

Increasing the autonomy, would mean increasing the weight and the cost of the car,
without any real necessity to do so.