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Fiscal and Management Incentives

VAT Deduction:
Our vehicle is homologated according to the Regulations 168/2013, in the category L7e-CU (heavy quadricycle for commercial purposes).
This is very important for artisans, companies and professionals because (if the vehicle is used for own activity) the VAT can be deducted.

Who has a VAT number has the right to apply a Superdepreciation of 140% when buying a new car.

Car tax:
Property tax (Regional):
At this moment all the Italian regions apply the exemption of the car tax for the first 5 years after matricolation,
and after that they ask for payment of 1/4 of the car tax for benzine cars.
Lombardia and Piemonte are exceptions, having a total exemption of the car tax, without any timelimit.