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Connected Car from Smartphone
Advanced computerisation in driving by Smartphone:

1) Before entering the car, you already are inside it! By clicking on an icon of your smartphone you can open and close the doors.

2) On your Smartphone, with a simple click, it appears on your screen where is your car.Very useful in case of theft, but also in order to find your car in a parking when you come out of an exhibition, a footballmatch, or a supermarket.

3) We have also created an applicazion Pre-AC, always on your Smartphone, from whch it is possible to monitor and switch on air conditioning (hot and cold), so that in the morning, when you enter your car, you have a more confortable sensation.

4) The system of the car recognises you when your Smartphone is with you, and allows you to open the backdoor when you move your foot under the backdoor.

1) When you enter the car, your Car-pad "feels" your smartphone.The phonecalls arriving on your smartphone, are directly being transfered to the Car-pad, allowing you to answer, in a safe way, through speakerphone or headphones.

2) Whilst driving, you can make phonecalls using vocal commands to dial the number and talk through speakerphone or headphones.